BONUS PATH: Differentiating your strengths

Group Problem Solving:

  • Form your own small groups and discuss the strength that resonated with you the most from the VIA test.
  • Next, you will be assigned a community project problem. Within your groups, create a list of tasks needed to solve the problem. Assign each task to a group member according to their strengths.
  • After creating the task list, review the balance of work. Engage in a discussion with your group to assess whether the task distribution is fair.

Reflection – 10 minutes

  • Lastly, complete either an audio or written reflection based on the following prompts. Your honesty is crucial for determining which groups are better suited for future long-term community projects. Please upload to the designated path.
    • How were your strengths helpful to the group and the problem?
    • What differentiates you from your cohort? Reflect on your uniqueness in regards to your strengths and capabilities.
    • Share how the group work went: Did you feel like the work would be balanced once divided by strengths? Were there any challenges or successes?
    • Would working with this same group be a good idea in the future? Why? If not a good idea, what strengths should you look for in a group member?

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This Collective

By MissAmy

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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