Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory of Motivation

This motivation theory is based on Maslow’s theory but adapts it slightly to think about satisfaction or dissatisfaction. His research was done on accountants and engineers which is important because they are jobs that require a lot of education – so highly skilled workers. 

 1. Take a few minutes to think about all the things that you have been complaining about in your school life or home life this week. In the worksheet, make a list in the table of the things that are giving you dissatisfaction.

2. What are the things that give you joy or motivation? Make a list in the same worksheet of the things that give you satisfaction.

3. Watch this video from Alanis Business Academy because they do it so well, I don’t need to recreate. 

4. After learning Hertzberg’s hygiene theory, answer the questions at the bottom of the worksheet to help you brainstorm a list of ideas and actions that could motivate you or the people that you are working with in your project, using this theory. 

  • Are all of the hygiene factors being addressed? How can we assure that they are or at least acknowledge that this is a need for them to keep people satisfied?

Share your list of factors on the path with ideas of how to improve them. Explain who you can talk to about these ideas to make changes and what that looks like.

Reflection questions: 

In school does the school meet the physiological, safety and social needs? Are you extremely dissatisfied or satisfied with the experience?

Training and learning are factors that are considered to be motivating. How are  teachers creating a way for you to reach self-actualization that brings about extreme motivation? What could be done better?

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