Mindful Movement

Learning when to use mindful movement can be a game changer in handling the stress of running your own community project. By completing the path below, you’ll learn new techniques that can help you reduce your stress, open your mind to creative ideas, and make you better equipped to handle any problems that come your way. 


  • Start by reading about the importance of mindful movement in this chart, or jump straight into a Quizlet matching game
  • Now that you know the benefits of mindful movement, pick one of the scenarios below that you see in yourself or often happening to friends. Create a 1-2 minute video role playing someone using the mindful movement effectively to improve their chosen scenario.
    • Test Stress: You are feeling anxious and overwhelmed before a big test.
    • Social Anxiety: You are feeling nervous before your first day going to a new club meeting where you don’t know anybody
    • Creative Block: You are struggling to come up with a brilliant idea for a research project. 
    • Overwhelming Schedule: You are experiencing stress from juggling multiple responsibilities (school, extracurricular activities, family).
    • Can’t Sleep: You are having difficulty falling asleep due to racing thoughts about your first day back at school.
    • Friend Fight: You are feeling upset after an argument with a friend.
    • Public Speaking: You are nervous because you have to give a presentation in front of a group.
  • Post your video on the path. 

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