*Mindfulness Technique – Meditation

Meditation is a great mindfulness technique to incorporate into your daily life. It can help you in times of stress, calming you down so that you can react more logically. It also help you with your memory, allowing you to focus better and retain information.


  • Try the mindfulness technique of meditation. Find a comfortable, quiet space, sit up with a straight back or lie down.
  • Listen to the Guided meditation. Remember that meditation is a muscle that you can strengthen, so you may find yourself distracted during this 10 minutes. Just remain calm, revisit the meditation when you realize that you have become distracted, and do your best.


  • After completing the guided meditation, create a recording or written reflection. Share your reflection with your guide on the designated path.
  • Please use the prompt to guide your reflection.
    Did you meditate on something specific? Explain your meditation experience using words. Share how it made you feel, what aspects of the meditation resonated with you, and how it may connect to your passion project or interests.


If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of mediation and how to incorporate it into your life, complete the Introduction to Mindfulness activity.

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