Mission Statement Creation

We will explore how to create a powerful mission statement for your social entrepreneurial project by aligning your passions and values with the goals of your project. This statement will inspire and guide you throughout your project.

  • Watch the video at the top of this path to start.
  • Before you start writing the mission statement, it is important to have all the facts laid out in front of you.
  • On a piece of paper, write down:
    • name you have chosen for your project,
    • the purpose of your project,
    • the stakeholders that will benefit from your project
    • what you want to achieve with this project.
    • Check to make sure that the above purpose and objectives align with your values from ModuleĀ  1.
  • Choose at least 3 of the characteristics of a mission statement from below to use when you write your mission statement. .
    • Visionary: offers a vision of what you aspire to be.
    • Broad: a mission statement should not limit your area of service or expertise too narrowly, your audience changes and your mission statement should not have to change in the next 5-10 years.
    • Realistic: the broad vision needs to be tempered with realism so that it is both practical and workable, the best statements are direct and powerful.
    • Motivational: write the statement in a way that it inspires commitment among your stakeholders.
    • Short and Concise: the mission statement should be no longer than 25 words.
    • Easily Understood: use plain language that is convincing and easy to understand
  • Use AI Assistance if you would like. Here it is a great tool to help with language and make sure that there is clarity in your statement.
    • Steps for using AI:
      • Be Clear and Specific: Clearly define the purpose of the mission statement and the key elements about your organization, target audience, values, and objectives.
      • Include Relevant Keywords: Use keywords that explain your organization’s mission, values, and aspirations.
      • Offer Context: Provide background information about your social entrepreneurial endeavor, including its purpose, target market, and any unique features.
      • Set Guidelines: Outline the characteristics you want the mission statement to embody, such as being visionary, broad, realistic, motivational, short, concise, and easily understood.
      • Provide Examples: Offer sample mission statements or phrases that reflect the tone and style you are aiming for.
      • Review and Revise: After receiving AI-generated content, review the suggestions and be prepared to refine the results.
  • Post your mission statement to the path and give feedback to another student.
  • To continue, return to Module 5 Opportunity Card.

By MissAmy

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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