SMART Goal Brainstorming & Evaluation

Mindfulness Brainstorming

  • Start with the meditation session, focusing on staying present and calm. Think about a goal you want to achieve in this class.
  • After meditation, write down your goal on a blank sheet of paper. Focus on a goal you’d like to achieve in this class.

SMART Goal Exploration


  • Based on your brainstorming, create a SMART goal for this course.
  • Share your goal with two others and explain the concept if needed. Ask them to check if your goal meets all the SMART criteria. If not, identify any missing components (e.g., S for specific, T for timely).
  • Keep talking with others until you receive two checkmarks on your SMART goal.
  • Once approved, create a visual representation of your goal that is creative and clear.
  • Hang it where you’ll see it often and share it on the path.

For further exploration of SMART goals, we recommend completing the Smart Goal Intro Spark activity.

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