Strengths in Real Life

  • Find real-life examples demonstrating each of your top 3 strengths over the next week.
  • Make a copy of this form and fill it out to help identify how your strengths appear in your daily life.
  • Create a short video for each strength, each under 2 minutes long, detailing:
    • What is the strength you will be discussing?
    • How is it used? Share a personal story demonstrating its application.
    • What was the outcome of using that strength?
  • Optionally, combine your three videos into one coherent video using video editing software.
  • Upload the final video(s) to the designated platform titled “A Day in the Life With [Name] – [Strength]” if you kept videos separate, or “A Day in the Life With [Name]” if you edited them to make only one video.
  • On the same designated path, provide a written reflection on the following prompts:
    • After learning more about your strengths, what are you proud of and why?
    • How will you use the insight into yourself going forward?
  • *Don’t forget to check back in and hear what others in your cohort have to say and respond to at least two posts!To continue, return to the Module 1 Opportunity Card.


This Collective

By MissAmy

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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