Values role playing

Role Play

  • Work with your small group to role play the scenario(s) provided to you.
  • Customize your role to showcase the values that you have identified as important to you.


  • Write a reflection, choosing to answer one of the following prompts, and post it on the path.
    • Reflect on a time when either you or somebody else acted in a way that conflicted with your values. Describe how the situation unfolded, how it affected you emotionally, and whether any changes or decisions were made as a result. What insights did you gain from this experience?
    • Have you experienced a situation where you felt that your decisions were influenced more by the group than by your own values? Share details of the experience, express your feelings about it, and discuss any lessons learned.

*Don’t forget to check back in and hear what others in your cohort have to say and respond to at least two posts!

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