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Jagger Mcnerney

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I have countless passions but the thing I love to do is learn. I'm extremely interested in history and old ways of viewing politics, I'm passionate to learn about the information that is underground/not very known. I especially like learning about ww2 its extremely interesting to me how the whole world reacts to mass destruction and distress, how people act under extreme pressure, and how the human survival instinct can drive us to situations that seem impossible to overcome and we do. and on politics, seeing all these experimental governments such as communism, fascism, socialism it interest because these ideologies are part of our lives even if some of them are not used nowadays, but my absolute favorite part of both of these is how leaders can make all these strategies to control their citizens and how in some cases the people don't even notice, how the sense of being in control is totally constructed and just an illusion. Another passion of mine is business, especially how companies nowadays make you want things not based on if you need them or not, but more based on the brand the product, and the reputation behind it, a great example of this is LV or iPhone most of there products are simple/not very revolutionary or needed but they still sell a lot of thanks to the brand behind them or the reputation. For example, back in the day, iPhone was technology more advanced than many phone companies, but know a day's most android phones can do everything an iPhone does better, more efficient, have more options, etc... but again the iPhone even if it is a 1000$ is going to be sold more than their Android counterparts.
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