Journal Entry

Nov. 24 2022

 What are your reflections for the evening?

It was incredible really the food the people all project together in one area really gave me the spectrum of how many things are going on in the school. Also it was just cool talking to people about our project and seeing them give us feedback.

 After talking to parents about your projects and processing your ideas, what were are your thoughts on your project today? 

Well parents gave us many points on what to do with our project but the main thing almost every parent mentioned was motivation, they wondered how were we going to make the community help us and get sport. Which is something cool and maybe in the future we will need the community but right now we are just starting and the class helping us is sincerely enough.

What are your next steps toward moving your project forward? 

Either reprogram the field trip or me and romeo personally start picking up trash and start working on our first art piece.

Who do you need to discuss your project with in order to make those next steps? 

Well make sure what day works again for everyone in school specially miss amy and if not possible the base wood or plastic sheet that we need to glue the different pieces of trash together.

How are you going to make the time to do these steps outside of class? 

Me and romeo are going to both go to our local beach and pick up trash, also research quotes and other objects that gives us ideas for  the art pieces.

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