05/05/2026 Whatsapp re: Master, Tebogo, Captain Meeting and Outcome – widening the circle of collective collaboration

The Department of National Parks Captain finally contacted Tebogo and listened to his account of the 11 month process of pasting the Mowana, MJ, with the concoction and the subsequent healing that had occurred prior to the mesh wire application. (Remember that before initiating his rehabilitation program Tebogo had specifically engaged with the Captain to share his plan and receive his support).
The Captain arranged a meeting with himself, Tebogo and Master (the leader of the wiremesh conservation group). Tebogo described the Captain as “helping me a lot” by facilitating and mediating this meeting which was “not an easy thing….., a very difficult experience.” The end result was the decision that Master was to remove the wire from the Mowana, which has been done. When Tebogo drove to check on her, he saw that all of the nails had been left behind and all of the regrown branches had, unfortunately, been broken off or were dead. Tebogo will remove the nails, clean the wounds and paste them with the concoction to prevent infection and support her to rejuvenate once again. Given the events, this is the best possible outcome and demonstrates what a true cooperative community ecosystem and its ripple effects can yield.

[2:48 PM, 5/5/2024] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: One point that came out in our meeting with the Wildlife Captain and representatives from the forest department, Master and myself was accreditation, that after completion of training of the use of the concoction on tree pasting, i thought of inviting Riaan in one of the school workshop so that he can issue certificate of participation
[2:51 PM, 5/5/2024] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: obviously he charges when he is booked to do that… do you think we can find funds to fund such school workshops?

Cathy: This is an interesting idea, my friend. I wonder if he is needed? Could we create a certificate ourselves? You are the expert. You/your team does the training and the certificate is issued by the Mowana Rehabilitation Program?

Teddy: training I’m sure i can do with pleasure, my challenge is designing certificate and where to print it.

I offered that we can design the Certificate and when we discussed printing it, he remembered that the Captain and the National Park service said he would be happy to help Teddy with anything he can – so he will see if their office has a printer.

Teddy agreed that The Wonderment Cooperative, CRREAL and Mowana Rehabilitation Project should all be included on the certificate – he felt the more organizations backing this the better it looks.

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