A very wet seagull, a dog and us.

One morning, while walking on the beach, we saw a juvenile seagull on the sand who was soaking wet with water and couldn't fly. This is a beach where dogs run free and play, where all kinds of birds soar and swoop and where seals and dolphins swim in the surf. While seagulls can usually fly up and away if a dog chases them, this waterlogged youngster could only run and couldn't outrun a dog who gave chase and so they ran into the sea to try to get away. I could feel the seagull's panic and fear. The waves dumped on top of the gull and it was being tumbled in the surf, unable to keep on top of the water. I ran into the surf and gently put my hands around the struggling bird and spoke softly telling them I was here to help. Meanwhile my husband scouted the shoreline and found a sunny, protected spot for me to place them so they could dry in the sun and be safe from curious others. The minute my hands closed around the gull they stopped struggling and seemed to calm.  They allowed me to take them out of the surf and walk up the beach to the safe, sunny spot and when I set them on a rock, they stood very still and we looked at each other. I backed away to give them space to feel safe and recover, while wishing them well in my mind. Later that day, I returned and they were gone.

Created By: Cathy

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