Beach notes with Amy J.

Amy J. and I met at the beach and had a conversation about this coming project with Gloria, in Cusco and in the Ausangate mountain. It was a beautiful scenery in my hometown for a brainstorm about such a wonderful project... In order to move on to specifics about what we want to find out through Gloria… we posed questions surrounding marketing, image, intention, target audience, etc. In order to fully understand how the final product (Documentary) would evolve, how it would be presented to the world and to who it was intended for, amongst many other details that would help me have a clearer understanding of the Documentary itself.

  • Where is the video going to be showcased/displayed and how?

  • Who is your audience?

  • Patagonia / National Geographic / Nowness [Possible References of:]

    • Connection

    • Vibrancy

    • Sharing [experiences] with the world

      • Tell the story

    • Clear vision of creative direction and prioritizes image quality.

  • Where is Justin's video? Is it on the website? (The video that was filmed when we went for the first time?)


After clearing all those thoughts out of our heads, we focused on Gloria. Amy J, who has been keeping up with her periodically and more often than myself - has many many questions for Gloria. What had been of her life all these years since we last saw her with her baby a few years after meeting her? What were her aspirations? What had she lived in the world, in the so so different world that she’d now traveled around and away from a tiny village in the mountains of Cusco?

  • How do you feel about it? Code switching. Cusco-Q’ero.Q’ero-Cusco. Perú-TheWorld. Going back and forth from Q’ero to Cusco?

  • Your daughter?

  • Your parents?

    • What did they teach you?

  • Ask about her business

    • What’s the demand?

      • Is it tourists? Peruvians? 

    • Where do you sell it?

    • Is there a crossover?

    • Do you envision a big future with what you make?

    • Cultural norms from Q’ero.

      • Chaman

      • Pachamama

      • Food

      • Alapaca

      • Yarn

  • What are your dreams and inspirations and where does it come from?

  • Her experience… Being a woman in a man's world. Being an indigenous woman in this world.

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  1. Mattt

    January 23, 2024

    This prep work is fantastic. Thank you for sharing–it’s a fantastic resource for others who will be undertaking similar work in the future!

  2. MissAmy

    January 27, 2024

    This day was so fun and informative. It felt like no time at all passed as we explored the process of your documentary. Your ability to really plan the excursion showed the depth of your understanding of your job in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for asking all the questions that you had and not holding back!

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