Camera Roll Recap Q’ero 2024

The conditions in Q'ero aren't as welcoming as its people. At 4.600 meters I had altitude sickness which slowed my digestive system so much I was eating the same amount as a baby would. Trying new foods wasn't appealing. But soup never tasted so good. Sleeping next to a can of oxygen, a bag of medicine, and emergency heat packs, was new. Even though I had been there before - I had not been there alone. The first night there I cried. A lot. I missed my boyfriend, my bed, and warm sheets. I missed my comfort. Gloria really understood. She would help me in any way she could.

On our way from Cusco to Q’ero, we stopped in Paucartambo for a much needed breather. I had just spent the last hour and a half attempting to manipulate myself into believing I DID NOT NEED TO THROW UP. So we stopped. Gloria got me a tea. And sat next to me until I was well. Right before the most amount of curved roads ever, we had some fried and stuffed yucas, potatoes, and chiles, from the side of the road, while in the moving car… Don’t ever eat before or while on that road. 

That unwell feeling didn’t go away until a few days after I was back home. Still the thought of those fried yucas make me feel unwell to this day. Sadly, they were really good. 

I feel unwell now. All I wanted to say was... It was hard. Gloria is awesome. This was a great coming of age 25th birthday present. 

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