Let's keep adding to this path.

Created By: Matt

Uploaded To: Tebogo Project Updates (Private)

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  1. Cathy Babcook

    March 15, 2024

    I came here from the link Matt sent and still had to log in first to be able to leave a response. If I’m an author, I should be able to respond.
    All I can see that I’m able to do is add text.
    I’m on my phone.
    I don’t see how to upload a video, photo, or voicenote. I guess if I wanted to share a text string, I would need to copy and paste?
    Let me know what I’m missing.

  2. Cathy Babcook

    March 15, 2024

    Also, at the top if I tap response, nothing happens. I can only leave a comment.

  3. Cathy Babcook

    March 15, 2024

    Now, I see. I have to Add to this path rather than open the Path and work from there. Not intuitive. Why is there add a comment – only allowing text and add to this path which allows text, photo and video?
    Also, the scroll bar at the side of this field doesn’t seem to work for me.

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