Close up view of Mowana MJ wrapped in wire mesh

Tebogo's words: Catherine these is not good! how many of us can savive in these pain, covered with wires with nail deeped in our bodies. [3/12, 2:45 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: currently I'm investigating... i want to meet the group leader! I want to understand why was these tree chosen, and why was i not consulted [3/12, 2:47 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: these mowana was never disturbed since i did the pasting on it you can see it's fresh apart from the mark at the top that you found when you were her [3/14, 5:23 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: thanks and for MJ when i think about it i feel like dizziness and feel attacked by short breath [3/14, 5:37 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: it is a painful experience at list and mombo they used meshwire tied with rope not big nails. [3/14, 5:54 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: i have asked for their contact, i haven't received any [3/18, 11:27 AM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: Hello my friend nothing much on the wilderness, i m traveling, i have an appointment with these so called conservation group [3/18, 11:29 AM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: the group is a conservation group from Gantsi, almost 400 kilometers from okavango

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