Meet my friend Frida!

Hello! I would love for you to meet my friend Frida! Frida actually lives across the street from my house. She spends most of her time on the deck. But is always on the look out for other dogs and humans who pass by. She barks at them, but I have always gotten the feeling that she wants to engage. I was deeply saddened by her loneliness and her inability to explore more.   So one day I finally worked up the courage to knocked on the door of the house where Frida lives. I met her humans, I introduced myself and then I offered to walk her. To my relief, they said yes! At first I walked with Frida and her human. After several times of Frida getting to know me, I started taking her out on my own. Just the two of us. Because I was still getting to know her the first few walks I had her in the leash. But I quickly saw some of the behaviors she had that her human thought was not good were actually triggered by the harness. So I took her off leash and let her run. The joy I felt from her was astounding. She LOVES to run around, to explore, to play catch with me. And I love running around with her! I love playing with her, seeing her jumping into creeks and looking at hares or up at birds flying in the sky. Frida and I quickly became friends. We explore together as often as possible. The best thing is after our adventures, she would give me the biggest hugs by standing up, putting her front paws on my shoulder and rub herself all over me. I relish in that! Seeing how happy she is made me so happy, I feel really honored to be her friend.

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