Method 1: Accuracy of IIC (from Dušan)

Use the methodology that Dušan developed (in the research on accuracy of IIC) to extend the dataset and to combine quantitative and qualitative content analysis*. Currently, this dataset has more than 8000 pieces of information, so it is promising to extend data to have a robust dataset. 

Question for Method 1: Can we use the same photos to have comparable data as the existing dataset is from 2019? More information from vets and experts would be fine.


* Note: our definition of quantitative = related to numbers, statistical analysis (typical for natural sciences). Our definition of qualitative = analysis of meaning, interpretive approach (typical for humanities). 


Quantitative content analysis is typically used in analysis of media messages, or when you are searching how many times is some word (for example Putin) mentioned in daily news etc. qualitative is hermeneutical analysis of meaning. See these references:

Neuendorf, K. A. 2017. The content analysis guidebook. Second edition. Sage, Los Angeles.


Krippendorf, K. 2019. Content analysis: an introduction to its methodology. 4th edition. Sage, Los Angeles.


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