Travel from Gunotsoga to Ghanzi for meeting with Conservation Group wrapping Mowanas in wire mesh

[3/18, 1:47 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: yes my friend I'm on the way to Gantsi [3/18, 1:48 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: the leader is call Master [3/18, 3:03 PM] Cathy Babcook: I am feeling the pain of you having to spend time driving away from the Mowanas in your wilderness to speak with misguided humans doing harmful, government funded 'conservation' work. It is a blatant injustice, but it is a reality in this moment. We are proud to be helping support your true conservation heart. We see you and your understanding of the wilderness and the life of the Mowana. We are focusing all of our supportive energy to you as you travel. Even if these people aren't naturally open or curious to understand more broadly, we know that if anyone can have an impact to shift this project toward right relationship it is you. Your love and understanding of Nature, your depth of traditional ecological knowledge and your demonstrated success with your approach for the Mowanas are powerful. This opportunity has so much possibility for the Mowanas. You are a Visionary, my friend and you are very capable of sharing new knowledge with others and inspiring change for the benefit of all. We are sending our energy to your heart. [3/18, 5:28 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: thank you my friend... these is a very strong message, I'm is my duty to translate a nature language... it is just to spread basic needs of the wild as living things. [3/18, 5:29 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: just arrived in Gantsi... it was a long trip [3/18, 5:31 PM] Cathy Babcook: I hope you can rest my friend. That is a very long drive and very tiring. You are a rare and unique human and you are doing what is right. Not everyone can hear you but you can only try. And we are with you every step of the way. 🙏 [3/18, 5:36 PM] Tebogo Monnaaphuthego: thanks my friend

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