Visual Reference: Cusco! EXPLAINED

The visual reference for this project came to me instantly as soon as Amy J brought this up. The look and feel was always very clear to me. Which was inspired by Kin Coedel's photographs of communities throughout Asia's mountains. However this has only been one part of the story. As it only portrays Gloria in a green, mountain like space... The Q'ero Nation, in the mountains around Auzangate. The Cusco vision was still on hold. A completely different scenery... concrete, neutral colors, less green, closed spaces. In this video I explain how we came to find this vision for Cusco. A video with the same camera we will shoot this project with - published on youtube by Kino Koven.

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  1. Mattt

    January 23, 2024

    So awesome how this is coming together!

  2. MissAmy

    January 27, 2024

    I love that you are so open with your thoughts and the connections that you are making for this project.

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