How do you know if you’re a Wonderer?

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Wonderers are people who feel a spark: an idea or desire to explore and connect to create something new.

To be open to this spark takes bravery. Sometimes these ideas and feelings seem way too big to be possible—or way too small to matter or make a difference.

But these sparks are an invitation: to remember a childlike sense of possibility and, from that place, connect with others to change the world around you.

And we’re here to give you the real-world support and community you need to make it happen.

Want to join us in the Wonderer Collective?

If you’re selected as a Wonderer, we will:

  • connect you with a group of diverse and complementary creators (and new friends) around the world
  • give you access to the Wonderment platform, complete with collaborative tools and digital hosting for your work
  • connect you with funding to help make your ideas and projects a reality


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