Journal Entry #17 – Noah

This entry will touch on the progress that has been made in our project in the last couple of weeks and also touch on some of the learning outcomes of CAS. First, in class last Wednesday we worked with Rochelle a nice lady who is very good at making short videos and films (has a company). During this class we filled out a document that would help outline what our CAS videos would be like. I wrote down things like the emotional appeal of the video all the way to specific shots that we can get. This work in class and document are big things in our project because it is some motivation to actually start building our shed, if we are excited about making a video showing the process and outcomes then we will have more motivation to actually make it happen. These activities also helped us become confident enough to show videos and photos that we have taken that other wise would have never been seen, but since we need tons of footage for the video we are starting to come back on these for a start. Another big goal that we completed these past two weeks was finally securing the land that we will be building on. My perceptions going into this task of securing the land were that it would be a very easy to do so and that it would take very little work, because after-all its just a letter. But once Luis and I started working on this task we started realizing how hard it is, we need to appeal to respected Matapalo officials. Also another difficult part of this task was the communication because on some occasions there was a lack of communication that resulted in wasted time. Overall we have progressed in the project during the past two weeks, but the next two weeks and the break there will need to be major progress so we can finish our idea.

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  1. MissAmy

    November 21, 2018

    There is positive movement forward! Keep that up!

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