Journal Entry#18 – Luis

Last week we got an email from Lindsay letting us know that she was able to pick up the letter and will present it to ADI as soon as possible to get our project approved and with it a lot of the necessary funding and materials. This were very good news because we had been waiting for a while to have this letter presented to the board of Matapalo and this week it will finally happen.
Something I learned from this activity is the importance of persistence, communication and teamwork, in any type of project, constantly checking in the progress of the letter really helped this process speed up, my perception before going into this project was the opposite of what it is now, I thought that constantly asking about the progress of this activity or any other is just a waste of time and rude for the people involved, but I learned that this persistency is sometimes necessary in order to get things done and it’s not rude if it’s purpose is looking for the benefit of the project. Last week during CAS class we had a workshop from a women that makes videos and she was teaching us key points to make a good video for our CAS project, thanks to this workshop we have some ideas that we will you soon when we start filming our video. This weekend we had CAS night, which is a fundraiser event where all community members are invited to hear about the some of the student’s CAS projects and donate money to the ones that they want.During this event we also had some students with other activities like babysitting to fundraise for our projects.The babysitting was at the Tamarindo Youth Center which is another’s student CAS project, and seeing how important and useful CAS projects can be in our everyday lives and the impact that they can cause in a community strengthened how important I consider our CAS project, and wish it will have an impact in the Matapalo community as significant as the Youth Center has in Tamarindo.

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  1. MissAmy

    November 21, 2018

    ******** is so true that patience is necessary but also reminding people that you are waiting is also a big piece of the puzzle to move things forward. I am glad that the letter is now on its way to Matapalo. When will you know about their decision? What are you planning on doing this week for your project?

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