During these past few weeks, I worked on finalizing the project structure, meaning where the fish are going to be living and where the plants are going to be grown. This felt really rewarding because it it a step I have been discussing about building it for quite some time so actually completing it brings a sense of reward and makes me understand that I know I have the ability to get things done I just have to push myself and the people around me. I am not only working on finalizing the first phase of my project but I am doing research on how I can expand it and look into different areas that relate to growing crops sustainably, the two other aspects I want to relate to my project are nutrition and food security and how we can implement those concepts into small communities.

When I chose to procrastinate how did that make me feel?
When I chose to procrastinate it only brings negative feelings along with it, stress because you are rushing it at the last minute, anxiety because you are nervous about getting a bad grade on the project, and overall disappointment in myself because I knew I had time before but I chose not to and put myself in a high-stress​ situation which causes a ripple effect onto my life and brings nothing positive to it.

How can my project be important to the world?
My project can improve my world because there are many things regarding statistics about health in Costa Rica that many people didn’t know about including me at first so the fact that I’m starting the discussion in a small community will hopefully inspire people to become aware of this fact and combat against it. “Obesity figures among Costa Rica’s population increased almost four times in the last 39 years, from 6.3 percent in 1975 to 23.7 percent in 2014. These results are part of a report prepared by the Universidad Hispanoamericana and published this week in the university’s health magazine.” ( I always knew that this was a problem I just never knew that the situation was this intense or severe. There are many reasons why this is happening and I am looking forward to further research about it but for now I do know that a big part of it has to due with the people’s diets; the problem is that eating healthy has a misconception of being really expensive and it is sometimes but there are so many things that can be done at home that will drastically change the way we think about eating healthy. For example, homemade coconut oil as a substitute for lard is already cutting down on a large amount of fat that brings high amounts of sodium which many time leads to high cholesterol. Information like this is where change begins, and I hope to be that for people.

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