In A World Of Darkness

I am very excited to finally get the chance to discuss my CAS video in detail, and let me tell you it is going to be incredible! This video will provide tremendous insight into my project through both images and words, but in an unconventional and unique manner. My first idea was fairly basic; I was planning on doing an infomercial about MUN, using B-Roll footage and a staged conference along with old 1980’s style. However, after some deep, reflective thinking, I decided that this idea didn’t accurately capture the scope and tone of a model UN conference. Model UN is a professional activity that tackles serious, real life issues and teaches participants a wide variety of life skills in a manner that should be taken seriously. Like the real United Nations, MUN is founded upon professionalism and is a very formal activity, which led me to the realization that perhaps an infomercial was not the best way to communicate my project to the world. So the question obviously came, what should I do if not an infomercial? There were several ideas I floated around and played with until I remembered a spanish project I did about the Spanish Civil War. The group I was working with used a montage of clips, sound effects, and pictures of war to create a chaotic, violent mood. This was counteracted by another montage of calm sound effects, rain, and beautiful scenery. I decided that I would use this same format for my project video. I would begin with scenes of war, hatred, and chaos interspersed by black screens with text saying “In a world of darkness, there is ____” with words such as hatred, violence, racism, etc. At about 30 seconds in, the screen will be black and silent, and a shift will occur as the word “darkness” shifts into the word “light”, and will be followed by a montage of MUN and UN related symbols of peace. The final frame of the video will say “In a world of light, there is MUN.” I hope this video will tell a story of our current political world, as it is most commonly known as a hateful, terrible place but is actually the source of a large amount of peace and cooperation. I want to make it clear that MUN can be the solution we need to training and educating future generations to become more respectful, amicable, and cooperative international problem solvers. I cannot wait til this video comes to be!

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