How Will You Give Insight Into Your Project? Through Words? Through Images? Through Interviews?

* What is the problem that you are addressing? How do you present it?
Hydroponics engages in global significance because it engages in water security since a hydroponics needs water to be changed every three weeks or if In most hydroponic farming systems, water is recirculated. Run-off water that is not taken up by the plants is recaptured. Nutrients are constantly added by fish waste or fertilizer, and water returns to the plants. Every bit of water is reused over and over again.
* Are you raising awareness? If so, how?
I am not raising awareness I just want to help my community and figure out solutions to a problem.
* Are you using literary devices to create meaning?
I will be using a lot of imagery and try to connect to emotion as much as I can.
* How are you inspiring action?
Climate change water loss a large percentage of humanity lives without always having water availability. This is very dangerous and should inspire many to start to save money and save our ecosystem.
* Are you telling a story? What is it and how are you telling it?
I am not telling a story I am saying how we can help make our carbon footprint a little smaller and how we can help out our ecosystems.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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