Journal Entry #18- Noah

How will you give insight into your project? Through words? Through images? Through interviews?

Through this video there will be tons of insight shared on our project and also versions of the project that can turn into possible realities. In the video we will use uplifting yet slightly melancholy audio and songs to evoke the most amount of emotion from the viewers. There will also be images portraying how the project will look like and thus give viewers the most personal insight on how our project is going and what it is in general.

Is there symbolism that you will use throughout the video? What does it mean?

We will use tons of symbolism in our video and not only let these symbols come through and shine but also keep them back and deeper in the video for viewers to analyze. Some examples of symbols will be growing plants to represent how we are growing and changing as partners but also how the actual project is growing and coming into fruition. Another symbol will be the bad food and/ or fried chicken, which will represent the reason for our fertilizer shed. Also their will be a deeper message in that symbol in that these unhealthy things and they are hurting the local environment, by putting these images into our video will be bringing them to the light and raising awareness of the bad things being eaten by these kids.

How are you inspiring action?

We would be inspiring action in this video by playing on the upbeat side of the audio soundtrack, this will get people inspired and ready to help or act. Also we will be using our own voices in Spanish and english, projecting our message and narrating our video, which will inspire action through the motivation and enthusiasm in our voices.

Here is our rough storyboard, with examples of images and symbols that will be represented in our video:
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