Video Ideas

* What is the problem that you are addressing? How do you present it?
The problems that I am addressing are the increase in obesity rates in Costa Rica, the dependency people have created for processed food and loss of connection between Costa Rica’s agricultural background. How I am choosing to represent these problems are by taking action and denmostratining to people how effective and easy to grow your own your crops and the many nutritional benefits it can bring to a family.

* Are you raising awareness? If so, how? I am raising awareness about the issue in Costa Rica that seems to be somewhat overlooked at the moment. Which is Costa Rica’s obesity rates and how they have been increasing exponentially over the past few years, this is an issue that affects many people and that there is a solution to. Regardless of your economic status,‚Äč there are steps that can be taken to avoid this problem. And that’s what I want to show people that growing your own food that will add so much nutrition to your diet will have many benefits.

* How are you inspiring action? How I am inspiring action is by beginning the process with a few families to demonstrate how simple the concept of growing your own crops is and that as a society we have turned to fast food and cheap food items that are easier and cheaper to buy. But in reality Costa Rica is a country that is huge on agriculture so I believe that with a reminder of what our ancestors or some practices that families still practice today we can steer away from processed foods and have a sustainable garden that you can turn to as an alternative to most processed foods.

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