Activity- J.e # 2

Activity over my break has been something very common for me, I have been doing a lot of fun activities and things that have formed me to be a more knowledged person.The first activity I really enjoyed, was exploring the city of marrakech whether it was tasting new food, seeing new faces, or observing the enviroment, all of it seemed very intresting to me, and exciting. For 3 days we drove around morroco and visited to places called Essaouira and Agadir, they are both cities onthe antlantic coast with a lot of similarities to Costa Rica, which is something I could personally connect with. The first place we went was Agadir. Driving along the coast, we saw people surfing which was really cool to see, because the waves we’re really good and we got a good view of it, we also got to see many camels on the beach and on fields which was really fun and different. The thing I really enjoyed from this road trip was being able to connect with Costa Rica which gave me a feeling of home while still enjoying the morrocan culture. Then we went to Essaouira which is a well known city in morroco known for it’s historical backround more specifically the sea front ramparts which we got to go see. The artisan in Essaouira is very rich because many artists exhibit their art due to the tourism. Art cafe’s and new hip places are coming foward brought by young artisans and artists which we saw all around Essaouira. Overall This road trip was a very memorable experience that I was lucky enough to have. It brought be knowledge and new cultural experiences that I will be able to apply and share when I get back to Costa Rica

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

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