Project- J.e # 4

While our project has been up and running for a while now, our main focus now is to attract the community and better the center with new activities and furniture that would appeal to the community. To raise funds we have been hosting events such as the hawaiian luau that was last week and ping pong tournaments which seem to be working out. Of course there is always room for improvement but over the break Anastassia and I have been coming up with new potential ideas and improvements for the center that would make for a better place, since this is an 18 month project we still have a lot of time to make adjustments and improvements with the help of our community feedback and staff. But of course our main goal overall is to have teens come, socialize and have fun with new people. not only has this benefited our community, but has improved my skills in a positive way. I have become a better communicator and better at managing my time. This is a very useful skill to have in life and it will apply to me now and in the future. I have really enjoyed working with my team members and the community to make the Terraza Youth Center an amazing place and keep working to make it better everyday.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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