Winter Break Update – Lpmun

Howdy! Its been a while since Ive posted, and let me just say it is incredible to finally be back! This break has been chalk full of activities for me, but within those I still managed to find time to researching plan for my project. Of course, there are always setbacks encountered, but I will keep my head up and forge on. This project has come farther than I could have ever expected and I am glad to be able to share it with you all! Of course, the real question I’m here to discuss is what exactly have I been doing over break? The answer in simple terms is research. I have been doing ridiculous amounts of research, including everything from reading reliable news sources to researching the latest technology and developments. A large part of this research has been to prepare for my conference by picking topics for each committee. Although it may not seem very difficult, picking topics is actually an incredibly complex process. It requires the organizer to find a relevant, current situation that is serious and meaningful while not offending anyone or putting any delegates in a position where the feel uncomfortable. While he fact that la Paz is an international school is incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons, it does make this process much more complicated. However, despite the complications, I have already begun assembling a list of potential candidate topics that I will discuss in my seminars to see what issues students are interested in and what they would like to learn more about. By choosing my topics this way I hope to further engage the student body, more accurately representing their interests in a controlled way that will be extremely beneficial to my conference. Of course, not everything has gone so smoothly this break, and I’ve encountered two main problems. The first is one that I expected but hoped to avoid – shipping complications. There are a number of materials I need for my conference, and the original plan was to ship them over Christmas break and bring them back, however, due to a lack of funding (we have not received the wonderment bonus yet) and cargo space (my family simply didn’t have enough suitcases) I was forced to postpone the shipping of materials to. later date. Of course, I have a contingency plan, but as someone who struggles when things don’t go exactly as planned, this setback has taken a toll. The other complication is one we are all to familiar with; procrastination has once again raised its ugly head, and I have struggled to work on my video through this break.However fear not – I have finally started and I have a wealth of clips ready to be organized. Overall, this break has been promising for my project and I am excited to return to the grind!

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