Possible Ethical Debate In Out Project!

How might my project stir an ethical debate? How might different theories of ethics view my project? What about my project could be ethically debated or questioned?

Our project is very straightforward and doesn’t have many moving parts, in terms of different people who will work with us on the project. Other than those people no one is affected physically by our project at all. But in this situation there are some that could be potentially affected on a emotional level in that what they think someone is doing is not right, for them. Balancing these two elements of being directly related to an ethical debate and being indirectly related to one is very important.
How might different theories of ethics view my project is a hard question to answer because our project would be located in this little town, where the belief system is different from people that we bring to the project. Both of these ethnic groups will react and view my project differently, and it’s quite likely that the little town belief system would believe what they heard from local news and the one from other places wouldn’t.
Some aspects of our project could stir ethical debate. I can say that in a very straight forward way because Luis and I have identified this possible ethical debate. In the process of making our fertilizer, at some point, bugs and garden worms will make their way in the pile of “brewing” fertilizer. So the question is, by using bugs and worms to sift through the fertilizer eating and pooping and making it better. But through this process sometimes worms die or get hurt and there is the ethical debate. But as I said before Luis and I are aware of this and have started to find solutions and strategies to eliminate this problem.

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