Journal Entry #22- Noah

Over this break one of my favorite creative things to do was write poetry or how I like to call it Po-Rap. This style of poetry has many names but i decided to call it Po-Rap and for me it represents exactly the type of writing style and rhyme style I use. This style would be best described as Robert Frost (A famous poet) and Tupac (a famous rap artist) mixed together. In my previous journal entry I touched on the activity of surfing and as said there, this really was what I did all break, eat, sleep, surf repeat. But in the down times after a long day there would be stretches of time that seemed like would go to waste if it was used to create something interesting or productive. Since I wasn’t going to start working on my math that I have for homework I decided to take out a pen and a piece of paper and just start to write. This got me nowhere and with no direction, prompt or idea of where I wanted to go with this piece of writing it was a mess. A mix between a poem and a novel, while also doubling as a short story could have possibly been one of my worst ideas yet. But stumbling around the lines of my paper I arrived at a interesting topic that for some reason created flow and calmness in my head, I could finally create something of worth. This topic happens to be cooking and as I grew hungry before dinners after long days of surfing, the ideas started to come. Lines like: The stiff pasta slowly slumped into the pot, sending froth over top.
Golden gloves of glowing garlic send taste buds glittering.
The warm beef broth turns to a buttery stock
Rich flavors just mingle and knock.
(This is a stanza from a larger piece I wrote on the 3rd of january)

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