Journal Entry #22- Luis

Our last trimester was a little bit complicated in regards of our CAS project as we had many different factors delay our process, from emails in the spam category, to the lack of persistence and demonstrated by us. Last trimester we didn’t do much to physically start our project, but we have everything ready to start in this next trimester. During the break I contacted Lindsay and asked her if we could go to the terrain where we are going to build in order to make some final measurements so that we could more accurately determine what materials we need. We went there and talked to her about the space that we measured out checked the plans to see if the spot we had chosen was suitable to utilize, and after that we spoke with Lindsay the executive director of Futuro Brillante the organization that is helping us with the project about a community welder that could help us with the construction of our fertilizer shed and as well as the material list and their estimated cost, along with some design decisions that will benefit our project by improving our workplace. She said she would let us know as soon as she has talks to him and we can start on getting the materials that we need.
We have also planned to start cleaning up not only the place where we are building but around the community because recently the Fiestas tipicas happened in Matapalo and there is a lot of trash that people have left behind, we are planning on organizing a field trip with students of our school and do a community clean-up. Moving forward we hope to start getting the terrain ready this weekend when we receive the estimated price for the materials.

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