Journal Entry #23- Luis

Every year the church that I attend to, does a party for children around the community, most of the children that attend to this party are from families of very limited resources, so we throw a party for them and hand out gifts to all the children as well as prepare food that they might not eat regularly. This is one of the main activities that we do for them, we also every month celebrate the people that had birthday during that month and buy a birthday cake and ice cream for everyone. I think this type of activities are of high value, and importance for the community as they help the children receive things that otherwise they wouldn’t, like the children who have never had a birthday party, or never been to a fast food restaurant or the playground. These activities provide the children with many opportunities and improvements to their everyday live. This also sets an example for them to learn from as they can see and experiment first hand how fulfilling and important giving to those in need can be which eventually will lead to the overall improvement of this community.

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