What I Did Over Break In Regards To My Project

This vacation I mainly focused on researching ​the Carbon cycle and the effects of Nitrogen in the soil specifically in Costa Rica. Through this research, I finalized my understanding of why the soil in Costa Rica is nitrogen deficient and the effects that it has on the plants. This research is crucial in the construction of my hydroponic system due to the inclusion of many different experiments to create the most efficient model to present before building.

Due to the lack of nitrogen in the soil plants absorption activity decreases therefore while making my system I must maintain constant nitrogen levels. The main idea of what the carbon cycle is, a series of functions in which a variety of carbon compounds are “interconverted” in the environment.

Nitrogen commonly augments root growth and searching capacity for phosphorus. Some of the principal effects of nitrogen are connected to the main effect on the increment of growth of plant tips and increasing the main absorption of phosphorus.

This research was of great benefit for my project because it facilitates the creation of the most efficient aquaponic structure.

I also determined what plants I am going to grow, which I decided off of the commonly known fact that Costa Rica is known for having high arsenic water levels. I chose lettuce (also due to its fast sprouting time), cilantro and kale.

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