Goals And Consequences

My project for me this trimester mean much more than just a CAS project I have to complete, this project is going to test my ability of commitment and ability to see things through. Not only that but the fact that I am the one who is held accountable if anything happens to this project. I have all the tools I need to succeed in front of me, but it’s up to me if I utilize them or not. Meaning if I don’t fulfill these goals I set for myself with this project I know it would have all been me. And of course the fact that I am doing this for a class of a program that I haven’t even seen the worst of and has already challenged me in so many ways. I know I can achieve all these things, I just need to apply myself, because the last things I want to do is let myself and the people around me that have invested so much of their time, effort and money towards my education and the opportunities for me to have a successful future. I created a to-do list and set the dates the things have to be completed by:

-Get gravel from John (Wednesday 16th)
-Meet with Alejandro about his farm (Tuesday 22nd)
-Have the project running by the first couple weeks of February

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