This week I plan to begin training the dogs. I will go on Thursday and train one dog so that the volunteers who take time out of their day to walk them have a better time and are more likely to come back and walk them again. It also allows me to have alone time with the animals and time to be calm and listen to music while training them and simply have time to chill and be with animals. It seems to be a best of both worlds situation because I have time to chill and do something I like and it’s something that will help many people to have a better time and to form deeper relationships with these animals. This is something that not many people have the experience to do so it is also a great opportunity for the owners of the shelters. We should teach people who want to seriously volunteer the basics of training dogs so that they can work on some things with them instead of just letting the owner teach them from zero in the future. For the future of my project I plan to do something like that and give people that volunteer there a rudimentary course so that when I leave the knowledge will still be there.

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