Journal Entry #23- Noah

Starting this trimester Luis and I will be utilizing the period that we have to work on CAS at the end of the day to go to the plot of land and make some progress. This will happen everyone Wednesday at 1:45 pm for the foreseeable future and it will help us become motivated and invested in our project. Each week we will have an agenda for Wednesday work session and the topics of this session will be listed at the end of Journal Entries. For this first week Luis and I plan to clear the area where we have staked out our plot. This task will be a big one because there is a large floor plan that we have to cover and on it is a lot of debris and foliage. Hopefully if time permits we will also start leveling the ground to create a hard packed even floor for our shack. This is the simple short term goals that we are setting but we also have some larger goals that are important to note. We aim to have all materials ready and building personnel acquired by mid to late February. For now this is the most important piece of our project and until then we will be dividing our time on either our video for our project or gathering materials and information. These are two concrete goals that we have as of now and they are supported by plans of action and exact times that we will be doing these things, which will be after school on Wednesdays.
This picture is what our plot looks like right now.
“After” pictures soon to come!

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