Journal Entry #24- Luis

For the following weeks Noah and I will go every Wednesday during CAS period and afterschool to work on the garden, or the plot of land where we are going to build the fertilizer shed, this first week we are going to work on cleaning up the land that we have and removing all the debris that’s in the area, we will also start working on leveling the ground, this is our short term goal which we can accomplish in the next couple of weeks. Our long term goal for this trimester is to get all the materials needed for the construction of our shed by the end of February,so that we can start with the construction phase. Every week we will include the agenda for our work session in our journal entry, and this way make sure we are accomplishing our goals,staying focused and making progress.
We haven’t received an answer from Lindsay yet, regarding the local welder that might help us with the construction of the shed as well as creating a list of the materials needed, but we hope to hear from her soon most likely when we see her this Wednesday working at Matapalo.
I will attach a picture of the plans that we have for this building and hopefully soon a picture of the start of the building process.

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