Progress Update: How Is The Project Running?

So we’ve finally passed the first progress reports, and the shock and nervous excitement that accompanied the initial weeks of IB are starting to wear off. Of course, this raises the question of where do I stand now that the dust has settled? Am I in the right place? And of course these are difficult questions to answer, which is why I’ve come to yet another journal entry, a place of bad movie references, reflection, planning, and occasionally the everlasting exhaustion-driven rant. Today I’ll be giving a status update on IB and how I’m doing with my MUN CAS project.

First off, let’s take a look at IB in general. Like all things, these past couple months have been all about learning and growing, which we all know involves stumbling block after stumbling block, and frustration after frustration. I’ve had to deal with and process a changing social landscape, attempts at new/improvised grading system, college and SAT pressure, and a whole bunch of other challenges. And yet, I’ve managed to keep my grades at the level I want them. Surprisingly enough, the bar I have set has in a small way had a bit of a negative effect on me, as I find myself obsessed with grades and the amount of work I do on a daily basis to a point that could be considered unhealthy. Of course I personally believe it is work the sacrifice, and I have used my relative success as a way to help my classmates, whether its explaining a TOK question or standing strong to ensure that our grades and college admittance are accurately reflected. On that note, I’ve found myself usually enjoying class and truly appreciating my friends and family in a way I haven’t before. My classmates act as a stress relief to the constant work of IB and my family has provided the comic relief that is imperative to a balanced lifestyle. I’ve done my best to respectfully communicate my ideas with my peers and superiors in a way that results in a better solution for anyone. I’ve recently found a balanced fitness routine that works for me, and I can say with a doubt I feel much better and happier. Of course, the IB life can undoubtedly feel repetitive and at times blur in a monotonous blob. My most recent focus has been finding a way to supplement the grind and find new things to enjoy. Of course all that is much easier said than done, but at the end of the day life is nothing more than changing, improving, and learning to appreciate.

Alright, now let’s get down to the meat of the metaphorical burger that is my complex journal entry style (it sounded better in my head). I am pleased to say that I have finished 3 seminar slideshows – accompanied by the proper online resources – in preparation for what I am sure will be the most engaging, entertaining speech in politics since the comedian Key from Key and Peele acted as Obama’s anger translator (watch the video and thank me later). The slideshows are designed to be professional and comprehensive while also engaging and easy to understand, especially for those who have had little to no MUN experience. Along with the seminars I have secured a list of chair candidates who are interested in leading a committee on the big day, and it is a wonderful feeling to see so many students interested in the position! My chair seminar was actually the first one I made, and I used it to help brief my Global Politics class prior to our conference in San Jose. I’ve also made sure to participate in other CAS activities not directly related to Model United Nations. I assisted with the Students Sponsoring Students Halloween event by running musical chairs (an absolute blast) and coordinating a variety of activities. I am also planning on helping paint the youth centre this week, and I have joined forces with Gabe’s political party to help more effectively represent our student body. It has been a very productive few months, and I am happy to report that my project is completely on schedule. I am currently finishing up confirming the exact timing of this week’s seminar, and I can say that this project is going to be a success.

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