A New Week, A New Advancement

This week was a successful week for my aquaponic project, yet I have encountered a bit of a challenge that I have been having a hard time dealing with. First off I am continuing to work on finishing up my structure which is taking much longer than expected but I have all the materials and alongside my mom, I continue to make improvements. For example, this Thursday I worked on cutting the wood to elevate the plant beddings, but midway through we realized that we didn’t have enough wood. This is only a small issue because getting the wood is not that difficult but it’s definitely an inconvenience because while I was working I had all my materials and tools out that I needed in order to finish but due to the fact that we were short on materials I wasn’t able to finish. This teaches me a valuable lesson that preparation is as important if not more than doing the work itself. Yet working on designated days after school worked well this time so I also spoke to my classmates that are working on a garden in Matapalo as well and they are going to work in the garden during the class period and our plan was to alternate days of the week in which our parents would alternate and drive us there.
This Monday, January 21st I finished cutting all the wood for the structure and am planning to finish building it this Wednesday. My goal is to have the structure done by next Wednesday the 30rth. The next thing on my list is to find pea gravel which is turning out to be much more difficult than expected, I have contacted several hardware stores and places online that offer the gravel that I need on their website, I also spoke to John (La Paz school parent and member of the Mar Vista community) whom I thought would have gravel and he did but it wasn’t the one I’m planning on using but if I continue to not be able to find this gravel I’m going to investigate and find a substitute.
An opportunity that presented note Sarah Gross (La Paz parents/volunteer) who is helping the 5th grade on a project where they are investigating about hydroponics/aquaponics reached out to me regarding my project and if I would be able to talk to the 5th-grade class and show them my project. I accepted immediately because this is a great advancement of the implementation of CGLO (cross-grade learning opportunity) in our school system and it won’t only be a learning opportunity for them but for me as well with the reinforcement and deeper understanding of the project.
I also have to progress on the video making process apart from planning what I’m​ going to do, yet I want to make sure the structure is done before I begin the next step.

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