Journal Entry #24- Noah

Luis and I visited our plot of land today and were pleasantly surprised when it was still perfectly clear even with all the wind and loose material. Though the area where shack will go is mostly clear of organic debris, there is still way to much just outside the marked out boundaries. Today we worked on getting the debris out of our way farther from the plot and also put markers on the four corners. In addition to the markers we started running string between the markers in the corners, so we can have a nice base floor plan down that you can see.
Goals: Our next goal will be to finish putting string to clearly map out the floor plan and continue working on getting the larger rocks that are deep in the soil out from where our shack will be. Also we will be working on finishing up our budget with the help of lindsey who is going to be giving us a quote for the shed. Lastly one thing that we are planning on doing very soon is the video that will be outlining what our project is about and the planning/ research behind it.
On the Wonderment website we have all these components like the entries, personal statements and timelines. All of these aid to “selling your project” to donors who will give money to you so you can accomplish your plans. These components are directly related to how well your project is perceived in the public and how confident people will be in our idea and what we have done so far. These components help show a process through the experience by giving evidence that the things you are saying are ture and they are not just made up in your journal entries. It is better to add pictures which once again is solidifying that point of people want to see you working and putting effort into something, so that’s what we try to do.

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