Vulnerability Journal Entry

I think while our youth center has many positive aspects that have greatly benefited us as a whole, there is always room for improvement and area for growth. I believe one of the main components that we need to work on, is targeting our set demographic and sticking with it. The youth center is supposedly a place where “teenagers” can come and hang out with their friends in a safe place, but the majority of people who come are usually not teenagers but young kids and their parents, this hasn’t caused too many problems, but it is important to stick with what our mission statement says, which is “to provide an entertaining and relaxed environment where teenagers feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe.” While we can’t completely monitor the age range of all our community members, we can find ways to promote the central idea of what a youth center is to us, it’s normal in the beginning that our targeted demographic isn’t the one always coming but we are trying our best to show the community we are open to any teenagers from any culture, ethnicity, race, gender etc.. On another note I think our Youth center is in need of more resources such as decoration, games and cleanliness. Although this isn’t a major issue that will stick with us through the whole 18 month process, I think it’s an important factor to asses so we can gather the necessary resources in the future, preparing for a well organized plan. Some of the ways we will be able to gather funds for this are through events and donations. Furthermore vulnerability has played some sort of part in our project because there have been times when we feel vulnerable for being so young and not having much experience with running a business. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because with every project comes obstacles that we need to face, so using vulnerability we need to confront our problems with others and discuss how things can be fixed and changed to the way they should be.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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