Journal Entry #25 – Noah

Focusing on some areas for growth in yourself and in a project is very important to do. In our CAS project so far we have experienced many life lessons about communication and timeliness. To start, the two aspects that I mentioned a second before are still things that we will need to work on. The communication is very important in projects and relationships internal to keep everyone on the same page and include all parties in the conversation. We are improving our communication skills by adding all parties involved on the email opposed to before when sometimes we would only add one or two people, forgetting other individuals that would be vital to that plan. I am also working with my mother to keep clear and concise communication because in the past there have been misunderstandings due to lack of communication, so this way we are working on it together at the same time as i’m working on it with luis and the rest of the people involved in our project. Sometimes when working on our project I see myself feeling vulnerable in the moment when I become angry or dissatisfied with something. Sometimes i handle those emotions in a way that is bossy or angry, but instead they should be handled in a calm and clear way. We are going to be contacting Lindsay about the budget so we can start gathering the materials.

Pictures: We layered dirt on top of the plot and also put cord around the edges of it.

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