Growth And Vulnerability

In the past 2 weeks, there have been a lot of areas of growth within this project. I finally completed building the structure and getting the gravel. The structure being finished is such an accomplishment for me because it has taken me so much longer than anticipated and I feel such reward from actually completing that step that I want to use that feeling of reward as motivation to keep going with the project. Regarding the gravel in my previous journal entries I was discussing how I was having difficulty finding the right gravel and the fact that I kept contacting every place I could think about was becoming a bit of an issue not only because I couldn’t find it, but because it made me very frustrated; one day in class I am talking to my teacher/guide for this project and by coincidence my science teacher is in the room as well so Miss. Amy has the idea to ask if the rocks outside would work as a growing medium and after he said yes, we went to go talk to the staff and the rocks were in my house by the next day. This shows how sometimes you need to take a step back or have someone else’s opinion to expand your mindset. This could be categorized as an example of vulnerability because the answer was literally sitting in from of me the whole time and it didn’t even cross my mind. This also shows how a fixed mindset can affect the outcome.
This was an important lesson for me because it taught me that opening up and taking a moment to view different possibilities and or different opinions can benefit me greatly, I now want to take this lesson with me and continue to grow as a person and as a student. Which leads me to how working collaboratively with others who may share those strengths and or weaknesses benefits me as well. My classmates Noah and Luis Felipe are working with an organization that created a community garden in matapalo that for their CAS project and there have been many occasions where it would have benefited me to go work on my project and they go to matapalo every class, so now that I know that I will communicate with them and try to communicate and work out a system where our parents alternate to drive us. This could not only be beneficial to me but them as well. Another way that working collaboratively would benefit me is by checking in with my two other classmates that are working with hydroponics/aquaponics to discuss our successes and failures regarding their project to be able to have a better understanding of what is going to work or not for my project. The next step in this project is to purchase an air pump, (which my mom agreed to invest in because this project is going to be in my house and she feels as if it can expand enough so she can later cultivate her own crop) and tilapia fish which my moms worker told her he was able to catch in a river. I also continue to edit my CAS video, because I thankfully finished gathering all the clips I need. I’m excited to see where that goes and looking forward to continuing​ making progress with my project.

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