Journal Entry/ Proud

Something I am proud of are my grades so far, I really put a lot of effort and time into making sure my academic performance was at it’s best and I feel like the work paid off. Last trimester was a bit different because I feel like I was more focused on my social life rather than my academic life which wasn’t necessarily efficient of me. Overall the journey for this was simple. I told myself I needed to improve and I set goals that would help with it. For example: Everyday after school I would make a schedule for everything I had to do and find a time when I could actually do it, this helped me stay organized and helped me calculate how much time I had to do it. Since I’m in IB, it has definitely been a struggle to balance my social and academic life, but I have found time for both which was definitely an achievement for me. I also thing that if I keep pushing myself to do better like I am now, I will push myself for success in IB. Another big part of this is procrastination. It’s something I have repeatedly done and it has never led to anything positive. Once I eliminate that completely it will allow me to push myself further and get better grades. Even if it is a requirement for me to get good grades I feel like it has made me proud knowing I put a lot of effort in it and seeing the result.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

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