Journal Entry #26 – Noah

Something that I am proud of in the recent weeks is achieving a high grade in my business and math classes. Though so much of my time is taken up by school and other academic activities, I still decided to talk about it because of the fact that lessons learned by way of school can be applicable to everyday life. For instance in business class, last trimester I wasn’t doing very well, missing assignments and low quiz grades. I haven’t quite figured out why this was happening but it had something to do with the combination of lack of motivation and lack of effort. But, coming into the this current trimester I was feeling better and stronger in my academics and my teachers positive reinforcement helped me to become even more motivated. After getting the highest grade in the class on a large unit exam, my confidence was through the roof and I continued to “crush” it until progress reports came out, confirming that the hard work I was putting in was paying off, I got a 4/4. A similar story to this one happened in math class but instead of me coming off of a bad trimester of math, I was coming off of a bad year in math. But now with a new consistent teacher I am doing much better and once again the progress report reflected this with another great grade. like I said before in the entry, the lesson of taking criticism and advice while also increasing effort and finding motivation will help me in all aspects of my life. Not only to become a better person but to be one that is proud and confident in what I do.

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