Who Inspire Me And Surprised Me

First of I was inspired by not a single person, i’ve always loved our planet and I think a lot of this came from where I was born, I was born in a jungle hotel surrounded by nature and have always felt most at home around green and I never knew the big problems that were happening around me never knowing how much we as humans not just a few people but everyone who was born has created a carbon footprint in their lives and I wanted to just create something that could make a change maybe not a big on, even the change that it created in me is enough it has created a new me making me think about the many issues and how to create sustainable and helpful projects that does not benefit me but also others and most importantly nature the thing that keeps us alive and now for the people i’m surprised by. The people who i’m surprised by are the 5th graders who is a crowd that I don’t do well with and are kids that I don’t do well managing. But they asked really good questions that made me think about my answer and pointed out some really interesting details one of those details was the mold growing on the bottom of the sponges which is not harmful to the plant because it grows on top of it because of the food that was introduced into the water which also shows that the water is healthy because we see fungi growth so we can see that the plants are going to do well.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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