Working Collaboratively

The youth center has really evolved since the time we opened it. There has been a lot of hard work, effort, conflict and joy that has gone into the making/development of the project and every opportunity that arises, we try seizing and making the best of it. More specifically something that recently really surprised Anastassia and I was when the Wonderment came and shared their “story” and their company’s objective. It really inspired me to expand and keep my project going strong over the months. When they came, Anastassia and I showed them the center and explained to them in detail what it really was through an interview they had us complete. It was really cool to see how other projects have evolved on the wonderment page and knowing the potential our project has in the future. We got to talk to Matt and his team about ideas they have and projects they want to do with us in the future which helped Anastassia and I gather our thoughts and come up with ways to make our youth center the face of teenagers and less adults. Moreover through all the positive we got to experience, with it came some conflict and negativity in terms of conflict between working collaboratively. Since Anastassia and I are very close we let eachother know what bothers us and things we can improve within each other but also in the project. Sometimes it can be hard to accept other people’s ideas when you think your idea is the best, and through this project even through there have been times of disappointment between us we’ve tried our hardest to settle them and resolve the problems we face. Overall, the Wonderment has really opened new doors for our project, not only financially but through promoting and exposing all of the CAS projects to corporate foundations that are willing to donate their money to the potentially “successful” projects that are on the rise.

Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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